Advanced Technology International (ATI)

Differentiating ATI’s Brand in a Growing Marketplace


As the pioneer and progenitor of the OTA and Consortium Management category, ATI enjoyed a decades-long history of success in a historically underserved sector. In recent years, the consortium management sector has seen increasing competition from new entrants and start-ups that drove ATI to examine its brand in the marketplace. ATI recognized the need to examine its brand while looking ahead to how it can support scalable growth and diversification to protect it's positioning.​

ATI recognized the need for a more meaningfully brand to ensure a more consistent strategic execution of the brand at all touchpoints and for all its varied stakeholders.​ ATI engaged Throughline to analyze and revitalize its brand and differentiate, align, and communicate its brand value.

Informed by extensive interviews, market and competitive research, and immersion into the ATI brand, culture and history, Throughline identified three pivotal opportunities for the organization:  

  1. Lean into untapped equities as a leader instead of responding to competitors
  1. Adopt a new brand architecture to allow it to expand and scale into new verticals
  1. Empower its passionate employee base to help articulate its true story

The result was a new ‘We Accelerate Impact’ tagline and narrative focused on the benefits ATI delivers, rather than just the services it provides. Throughline and ATI also created a new identity and messaging system to be deployed and managed across current- and future-state businesses. This system supports its sales teams with a more impactful and cogent story to strengthen the corporate brand.​

“I personally want to commend you for your Herculean effort on this project.  The design team was highly successful because of your guidance!”

-Elaine Sumera, Vice President - Business Development & Communications, Advanced Technology International

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