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TheNaval Aviation Enterprise (NAE) is at the heart of the extensive collaboration required to have aircraft ready to accomplish any mission. They are responsible for ensuring 190,000 Sailors, Marines, civilians and contractors work together to support Naval Aviation.


Our company's origins stem from the Navy and over five years we have become a strategic partner in organizing and aligning their stakeholders, data anddecision platforms. We were thrilled when asked by the Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) and NavalAir Systems Command (NAVAIR) to bring together the stakeholders in a complex supply chain that made it difficult for leaders to achieve the kind of holistic view that would enable better, faster decision-making to ensure more planes were flying more often.  

We approached the challenge by embarking on a strategy of define, develop, prototype, validate, deliver and scale. Working with the joint NAVSUP and NAVAIR team, we identified stakeholders and conducted 100s of interviews and in-depth field work to gather data. This enabled us to document issues, define the current state and identify information gaps.

A Successful LOGCELL Thinking Rollout

The concept of Aviation LOGCELL was designed to overcome readiness challenges facing NAE. As NAVSUP and Throughline co-created a path forward, the idea of LOGCELL Thinking came to the fore, guiding efforts and informing the creation of the playbook and branding and communications strategies.  

Brand Strategy

We cultivated a strategy to articulate the value of LOGCELL Thinking as a key strategic enabler for communicating to the users, stakeholders and customers about why a cohesive collaboration methodology is the key to readiness.

War Room Strategy and Implementation

Based on our extensive stakeholder analysis, data review and interviews, Throughline developed the LOGCELL program to solve mission-critical supply chain problems by enabling logistics experts to collaborate with IT tools in an environment similar to a war room. We designed physical spaces dedicated to heightened communication, collaboration and problem-solving with data access and security implications.

Communications Strategy

The communications strategy addressed the need of LOGCELL to be known and trusted across the NAE, with tailored communications promoting stakeholder involvement and thereby increasing program effectiveness.

LOGCELL Playbook

Incorporating feedback and test results at every stage, Throughline co-created the LOGCELL Playbook. Effectively solving complex logistics problems requires an understanding of the people, data and decisions that are needed along the way. This playbook has helped the Navy save money, increase efficiency, and, most important, keep planes in the air by improving communication and providing all parties with better insight into the many parts of this complex process.


Bringing together data and stakeholders in a deliberate way, from both the NAE and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), allowed NAVSUP to drive

toward a goal of 100% uptime for aircraft. As a direct result of this work, NAVSUP has experienced backorder reduction, cost avoidance, reduced customer wait time and increased repair coverage.

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