We are throughline

And we’re willing to face the unknown with you to discover unexpected possibilities for your enterprise.

For over 15 years we were known as Maga Design, a place for visionary playfulness that overcame organizational boredom with “maga”, or magician. As an ever-curious and adaptive firm, we recognized in 2020 that it was time to evolve with a new name. Throughline isn’t only who we are — it’s what we do.

Our new identity embodies all that we’ve learned along the way and allowed us to redefine our brand with a greater, more impactful purpose.

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Digging Deep

what drives us


Our ever-curious mindset and our passion for co-creation enable us to remain open and versatile as we work not around but through challenges.

Whole-Brained Thinking

We balance right-brain analysis with left-brain creativity to translate complex ideas into visual solutions that are memorable and accessible.


We use a human-centered design approach to listen and understand by putting ourselves in others' shoes to gain valuable insights and design impactful solutions.



New challenges, ideas and innovations don't scare us. Instead, we welcome them with open minds because we know what it's like to be on the other side of the table. Meet the leaders who are driving enterprises from intent to impact.

Executive Team

Scott Williams
Chief Executive Officer
Rebecca Williams
Chief Creative Officer
Gil Humphreys
SVP, Chief Financial Officer
From the start, it has been our mission to drive impact through co-creation and strive to be the best part of our client's week."

Scott Williams, Founder and CEO

Front line leaders

Amanda Sadler
Principal Content Strategist
Amy Patnovic
Creative Director
Bruce Kibbey
Chief Technology Officer
Dawn Carroll
Impact Strategist
Erica Rossi
Strategic Advisor
Jim Nuttle
Director, Graphic Recording
Josh Labovitz
Principal Business Strategist
Julie Anixter
Enterprise Design Principal
Nick Duchesne
Program Manager
Tom Zorc
Senior Business Strategist
Tracy Cellucci
Chief of Staff
Trevor Brown
Portfolio Director

Board of


Cameron Hamilton
Cameron Hamilton
Bob Carter
Bob Carter
Jim Cochrane
Jim Cochrane

Throughline CAREERS

We’re a tight-knit team of dreamers, thinkers, doers and leaders who thrive in exploring what’s beyond the box.

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