Working Visually to Complement Existing Efforts

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In this newsletter, we typically focus on how you as an individual can harness the power of working visually. That value compounds when your teams can do the same. When clients invite us to help tackle their challenges, we are acutely aware of bringing a fresh perspective while respecting and incorporating the existing structures, processes and people in place. Harnessing human-centered design and visualization can dovetail with your team’s work to strengthen current efforts and create holistic, impactful solutions where needed.

Supporting Strategy Creation and Implementation

Building, socializing and actualizing a strategy is complex for every organization. Teams must coordinate wide-ranging efforts to form a comprehensive and actionable approach that drives towards their vision. At Throughline, we specialize in that coordination by facilitating collaborative workshops and employee research to gather key insights while cutting across stove pipes that commonly impede strategy refinement. These findings then provide leaders a strong foundation of themes and focus areas upon which to build their long-term path to success. Throughline partners with strategy teams from ideation through implementation by leveraging visual story telling, strong messaging and intentional roll outs that resonate across an enterprise.

Supporting Change Management Efforts

It’s no secret: enterprises of all shapes and sizes are undergoing transformations to adapt to a shifting world. Whether the driver is technology, market developments or talent acquisition, change management leaders juggle multiple messages aimed at diverse audiences. Throughline supports these leaders by conducting employee research and visualizing the impact of change across an organization, increasing common understanding of strategic efforts and the buy-in needed for success. When individuals can see themselves as part of the vision instead of just hearing about it, it brings that vision to life.

Supporting Enterprise Communications

Communication is critical to an organization’s progress. From simple internal updates to large-scale idea sharing, communications teams provide the connective tissue needed for alignment and trust across an enterprise. At Throughline, we prioritize collaboration with our clients’ communications team to ensure our work supports their efforts rather than adding to their workload. Our visual solutions are designed to strengthen key messages and increase workforce engagement, resulting in greater common understanding across an organization. Our human-centered design approach assists communications teams in streamlining their products and ensuring resonance of mission-critical information. By harnessing our diverse skill sets, Throughline supports and enables communications teams as they continuously deliver invaluable impact in their organizations.

A fresh perspective can drive creative solutions to seemingly intractable challenges. However, sometimes outside parties can also be seen as infringing upon the important work already taking place across an organization. At Throughline, we recognize the importance of working alongside your teams, respecting your processes and integrating existing efforts into our approach. We’re committed to co-creation that delivers tailored value and impact in support of your teams’ incredible work.

Curious how we can amplifying your existing efforts? Reach out! We can’t wait to collaborate with you.

Until next time,

The Throughline Team