Working Visually Through Change

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Organizational change can be scary. Information overload, personnel shifts and new terminologies are only a few sources of overwhelm for teams navigating a transition. For many leaders, even the idea of bringing such newness to their workforce is enough to prevent them from taking the first step toward change. This trepidation cuts across all sectors and leadership styles. But in the face of this unease, we ask you:  

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

At Throughline, we’ve seen some of our biggest impact come from projects where leaders recognized these challenges and committed to harnessing a creative approach to confidently guide their organization through the unknown. Visualization is an incredible tool for leaders who recognize complexity, lean into opportunity and are excited to unlock the potential of their workforce. But don’t just take our word for it. Over more than 17 years, we’ve worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes and the impact of visual communication is always clear. Some examples include:

  • Interactive Strategy Maps that allow your team to follow along as their organization transitions into a new phase  
  • Roadmaps that clearly communicate how top-level strategy objectives relate to the everyday activities of your workforce
  • Visual frameworks and strategies that illustrate organizational needs, opportunities and budgets to drive intentional funding and program development

Practicing What We Preach

While we love delivering impactful, creative solutions for our clients, we are also committed to practicing what we preach. Recently, we announced our own milestone event: transitioning the role of CEO from our Founder, Scott Williams, to a pillar of our Throughline community, Brandon T. Jones. After 17 years at the helm of our company, Scott will be shifting his efforts to Throughline Enterprises, entrusting our team, processes and values to Brandon as he aims to grow the company in the future.

Throughline CEO, Brandon T. Jones

“I’ve used the Throughline visualization strategy in every major position that I've held, whether for gaining alignment and consensus across multiple departments or articulating a complex subject in order to get funding to meet the challenge,” said Brandon when asked about the importance of working visually. “We believe that visualizing your strategy can chart your journey from intent to impact. As organizations today are struggling with whether they should save, grow or transform during this economic climate, Throughline can—through the power of visual communication—ignite innovation, create positive change, solve complex business problems and generate ROI for your organization."

“Large organizational change will never be easy,” said Scott. “But, with the right combination of collaboration, communication and visualization, I am confident Throughline will navigate our leadership transition as we approach every day: Ever Curious.”

What change is headed your way this year? Reach out and we’ll find a powerful, creative solution together.

Scott and Brandon